Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 30, 2016 Bowie. Multiple Bowies.

I have been attempting to actually do a nice finished piece. A Friend is putting together a David Bowie tribute art show and thus I thought that’d be nice to actually contribute something to! The headshot was just me playing around to make sure I could actually capture his likeness, buuut I later then wanted […]

March 11, 2016 Portrait

A friend was looking at my art and said “Do Me!” So yeah, I did you dude. This was fun. I don’t draw from life as often as I should, so it was a good exercise in breaking away from my typical comic facial structure, lighting, and such. I ended up spending longer on this […]

March 9, 2016 Different Sort of Tablet

I gotta say, drawing directly to a screen rather than drawing on what you aren’t looking at make a noticeable difference. For once, I can actually feel like I can do some clean inking without it taking forever and/or being a huge pain in the ass. I’m going to be attempting to do more stuff […]

March 8, 2016 Surface Pro!

Ze tablet has arrived! Aside from the two hours I was nearly freaking out because the pressure sensitivity was not working in Painter and praying i didn’t need to buy a new/newer art program, it is pretty awesome so far! Glad I figured it out. And now I can slug out on the couch and […]

March 7, 2016 Dear motivation:

Okay, so haven’t been doing so great at keeping up with the arting. I need to do better. Though technically I have been drawing, but mostly work related drawings for archaeological reports where I get to draw excavated burials. Which is kind of fun. Really great practice for inking stuff, since they’re all black and […]