Monthly Archives: December 2016

December 20, 2016 →

Well! That’s a hell of a lot of highlights for characters I don’t usually play! (Except Zayra.) Bastion, Reaper and D.Va potg tonight, and five lot boxes. Got Roadhog and Zenyatta Christmas skins, so yay! The next iron bull/Hanzo comic coming up soon too, I swear. XD

December 16, 2016 →

My Dragons. Let me show you them! Part One. WTF am I doing, I’ve created a monster. More to come, will be tagged #the iron hanzo Part 0: Tiddy Comittee

December 15, 2016 →

“CHARGERS.. Tits out!” Aka We Don’t Own a Full Shirt Gang. (Okay, this is stupid, but idgaf had to get it out!) XD; Edit to add: Oh dear god, what have I done because now my brain is flooded with Bull/Hanzo comics because DRAGONS. X_x

December 15, 2016 →

Adajsadhja fssssssssss. Imma do more palette/monotone stuff. At some point I’ll find  coloring style I’m happy with again lol. Time to see if I can score his Christmas skin!

December 14, 2016 →

Lucio, ma boy. You ain’t being easy on me. But you my MAN, I might suck at other players, but I will wreck the enemy team with you so just lemme draw you all purty, ok? <3 (I’m not even a super Christmas person, but OMG yaaay xmas stuuuuff!)