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February 27, 2017 →

WALL OF TEXT. World State of Schism. I’m having issues with naming, so names of places are temporary/subject to change. Or just not fully given cause I suck. Potential grammatical errors etc area. (and just had to draw something quick to go with it.)  Current World State: Government has no authority. Once it became clear […]

February 27, 2017 →

When you’re tired of playing healer so you go 76 and everyone keeps spaming “I need healing” with no other healers yet ignores the health packs you keep putting down and you get play of the game anyway despite their complaining. So shut up, I did my job!

February 25, 2017 →

FFXV Luna: first playthrough- yeah cool and all, but whatev. FFXV second playthrough Luna: OMFG, chick is a supreme bad ass, million foot sea monster screaming in her face and she DGAF, saved precious Prince but then that?? Come on FF, she deserved so much more. She lit the fire under Noct’s ass (as cute […]

February 24, 2017 →

Expect a huge wall of text soonish. Because my head gets easily cluttered, I’m writing out the world state for Schism to help me clear my head. (And for people who like reading back history world building stuff I guess.) Whoooo, lore! And oh my god, naming things/places/factions arrrgh.