Monthly Archives: July 2017

July 23, 2017 →

Soooo…. Five? Or whatever years later? Journey is still the most perfect game that has ever been made. I will fight you over this. Especially play this game if you need peace of mind or some calm/clarity in your life. Do it for your mental health.

July 18, 2017 →

Mini-me draws Zelda: this happened after hearing us both bitch left and right about those stupid guardians. (Can’t believe she’ll be 7 on Thursday!)

July 12, 2017 →

Oh yeees. Introduced the mini-me to Mario Kart. There’s been surprisingly little swearing. (She’s seven and has already heard the word fuck more often than she should oops!) But she’s already starting to master the drift slide and I’m so proud. :3

July 11, 2017 →

Slacking on art fight. Because we got a switch. Which means Zelda. ALL THE ZELDA! >3

July 7, 2017 →

Seriously, why can’t everything I draw turn out like this? XD Feris belongs to @artillerydog – she was too cute. :3