And then suddenly this guy who wasn’t even a thing an hour ago pops up and goes “HAY I CAN FIX THAT PLOT POINT FOR YOU.” which is great but then turns out to be a sassy little diva with a long list of demands.

So here’s S.I.D. (System Integrated Director) – A time/resource management AI program that Sly re-purposed and reprogrammed probably a little tooooo well.

This may not be his final design except he’s an AI and can make himself look however he wants on a whim so it kinda doesn’t matter lol.

Art Fight!!

SOOO i randomly and last minute decided to participate in Art Fight! this year. It’s been a crazy amount of fun so far, and this is wonderful practice and motivation for me. hit me up if you’re also doing it, lemme get my grubby hands on your babies to draw! 😀

Here’s my attacks so far, will add more as I do them.