Monthly Archives: October 2017

October 31, 2017 →

Now I kinda want to do another monthly challenge, except have it be just drawing other people’s OCs. If I can get 30 people and/or characters sent to me to draw. XD Except don’t think I want to jump straight into another one just yet, and I’m definitely not doing it in December with holiday […]

October 30, 2017 →

Day 31: The Hive Queen Posting early because I’ll likely be busy tomorrow with Halloween stuff. Wanted to go out with a bang and draw all the new fun people to come out this because I actually made it to the end this year whooo! So where’s the Hive Queen? Right here:

October 30, 2017 →

Day 30: The Ranger (aka, MacCready) Gunner, ranger, close enough! Last one for the Fallout crew, and only one more to go! I have an ambitious plan, I hope I can pull it off. :3

October 30, 2017 →

Day 29: The Angels Cheating a little. I went through several sketches all looking like a dumpster fire before giving up and just drawing Jericho instead. He’s an angel to some people anyway, so it’ll have to do. Just two more. I can do two more days. X_______X

October 29, 2017 →

Day 28: The Demons This is trash and I was in a hurry to catch up. *throws it into the void* I might try a redo of this one, but gotta do angels first.