Headcannon: Jack/Badass!Rhys co-ruling Hyperion (or Atlas). Jack insists on scheduling an interview and photoshoot for a magazine cover (which Rhys wants nothing to do with). Shows up two hours late, covered in blood and proceeds to be as obnoxious as possible to annoy Rhys further. This ends up being the magazine cover, much to Rhys’ horror.

This will likely never be a fic since I don’t write, so I throw it into the void if any authors want to run with it. :3


Sly gets really into card games, particularly poker and blackjack. I don’t suggest playing with him though, he’s really good at counting cards. (And will just flat-out cheat with hacks if playing online.) XD


Watson is a no-nonsense werewolf from New Orleans that currently runs a bar for nonhumans in Georgia. He likes to play cards or dice and his poker face is legendary. He will fleece you of all your cash and won’t even give a shit.

( I feel like a match between him and Sly would be a nightmare. )

( From an OC fact swap meme! Send me something about your OC and I’ll reply w/ something relevant about one of my crew. )