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August 29, 2018 →

Anonymous: Echo-9 doesnt need guns to fight. She can just annoy the enemys to death. WELL HE KNOWS NOW, ECHO!! I’m starting to think she was a chaotic evil con woman or mob boss or -something- along those lines before getting rezzed. XD;

August 29, 2018 →

ageofapocalypse: Hooooly shit I just found your blog with your adorable Destiny art and I love it so much. I just wanted you to know. Thank you so much!!! (And for the patience!) Hope you’ll stick around for many more shenanigans from these guys! 😀 

August 28, 2018 →

I was trying to draw something nice before he left the Tower, but now that they’re taking him away a week early I’ve kinda lost my will to finish it. T____T

August 27, 2018 →

Anonymous: So what are echo-9s and Gideons ghosts names? There you have it! Killy and Nihei, Echo and Marco Polo, (he’s not that annoyed really, it’s turned into a silly game for them),  Gideon and Emery. I’ll just sit here and wait for someone to call me out on my references lol. And with that, […]