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January 31, 2019 →

wolfhero28: Auction him, hm? I will take it. NOW GO BUY ALL THE BANNERS YOU NEED ECHO Sorry Echo, he just ain’t having this. XD Also, Gideon, sweetie, NO. You will have nothing left to wear. x-X

January 30, 2019 →

mw-rabbit: My Warlock & my dog (who happens to be named Echo) drawn by the talented@newbabyfly ! 🤗 I love commissioning her, such a great artist and so easy to work with! So if you can I would highly recommend her 😍 Eeeey! Thanks again for commissioning me, these two were a blast to draw! […]

January 30, 2019 →

I’mma just.. lie down on the floor and die now. Oof! Thanks for indulging my excessive wips. XD  (Edit: have a closeup because good lord those ropes.)