Day 3 (with color!)

OC Challenge - Day 3 Color portrait. I’m becoming rather fond of the “ink as you go” style while doing colored stuff. Used to drive myself crazy trying to get my inks perfect, and then would end up letting half the sketch lines show through anyway because I liked the texture and grittiness of it. Hell… half the ‘inking’ does itself in the coloring process, so woo. Lot of time saved with the same end result I wanted.

Day 2

Day 2 - 30 OC Challenge
He really isn’t picky about what he eats, thus doesn’t have something he’d call his favorite. So he gets an apple since I just cut up one for the kid.

Day 1

Reintroducing Sly. One of my earliest fully fleshed out characters. He’s still my buddy. So, going to attempt to actually finish a 30 day original character art challenge, (so it had to feature him off course!) Won’t be exactly one per day, but will plan on finishing it. Eventually.

So of course, day one is a mini-bio! (I also found not lined paper!)