Different Sort of Tablet

sly.test I gotta say, drawing directly to a screen rather than drawing on what you aren’t looking at make a noticeable difference. For once, I can actually feel like I can do some clean inking without it taking forever and/or being a huge pain in the ass. I’m going to be attempting to do more stuff with an actual background at some point. But for the time being, just keep sketching whatever.


Null Not all of my characters are completely dysfunctional. Not that Null is one of those. Really, he’s probably the worst. He’d be a complete shut-in if the he didn’t have caretakers. This one ended up extra messy in the sketch phase. Need to get back to the derby one and finish it off.

Deviant Sketch

quay Okay, not the 30 day challenge, just felt like revisiting some other characters. Since drawing menacing, evil older dudes is fun. Still digging this messy style. But then again, I’ve always been about the mess. That clean, precise style has never been something I was good at or had much patience for, especially now since I’m just glad to sit down and art when I can! One day son I’d actually like to do a fully finished piece that takes more than 30 minutes.

Day 5

OC Challenge Day 5 Yeah, got two days done in one day. 15 minute sketch. Still not as fast as I used to be, but getting back there. Will eventually so fancy finished stuff again. I finally quit smoking a year ago, which is good. But he’ll always be a smoker. Fictional characters don’t get lung cancer, lol.