Not dead, I swear!

Okay, okay. I’ve been really crap at keeping up with art and updating this thing regularly. Though I’m tempting to redesign this thing again. I’ve been busy taking a coding class, learning javascript/jQuery and all my html/css skills got caught up with modern times thus learned a lot of new tricks too! Life is busy. Roller Derby, work, kid’s back in school, coding classes, Fallout 4… hard to find time to draw and stuff. But I have been able to do some pretty fun things for work which has been nice! So here, have a Rosie the Riveter parody T-shirt design I did for all those female archaeologists out there. Oh, also a poster design thingy I did won a contest. So that’s neat too! May post that later.

Surface Pro!

Couch art Ze tablet has arrived! Aside from the two hours I was nearly freaking out because the pressure sensitivity was not working in Painter and praying i didn’t need to buy a new/newer art program, it is pretty awesome so far! Glad I figured it out. And now I can slug out on the couch and draw with my feet up and covered in my dogs. It’s going to be pretty rad, lemme tell you!

Dear motivation:

Okay, so haven’t been doing so great at keeping up with the arting. I need to do better. Though technically I have been drawing, but mostly work related drawings for archaeological reports where I get to draw excavated burials. Which is kind of fun. Really great practice for inking stuff, since they’re all black and white. And nice to know I can, in fact, do neat and tidy line work when I really need to. In any case, expect for me to start updating this a little more frequently after this week, because I’ve got a shiny new Surface tablet on the way and I can’t wait to load up Painter on it and get some full on couch arting done. Pretty exciting!

The Vault.

Alright, I bit the bullet and decided to add some old art that I don’t completely hate. There’s a lot less than I originally though I might want the world to still see. Most of this is probably… ten years old? Must do some nice pretty new stuff dangit. There might be more. If I find it. My old files are massively disorganized oops.

New year, new goals.

Oops. I slacked off a lot there, didn’t I? But now the holidays are over and that craziness behind me and I’ve got shiny new sketchbooks to muck around in. So going to be getting back to my challenge and messing around in painter again. And possibly making a mechromancer (Borderlands 2 is very fun) costume just because. In the meantime, Null’s keeping me company while doing some illustrations for work.