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January 20, 2019 →

Whoo hoo! Yesterday my new Surface Go arrived, so used this to break it in. Screen definitely feels different from my Pro, and I need to adjust all my brushes back to how I like them, but this thing is going to be great for sketching when I’m not at home. 🙂

January 19, 2019 →

artofmisi: after being asked about it and despite not being any kind of official organizer, i am here to introduce…….. *drumroll* ♥ OC Kiss Week 2019 ♥ draw your oc kissing another oc! your friend’s oc! fandom ocs and original ocs and ALL OF THE OCS KISSING ONE ANOTHER! FEBRUARY 11TH TO 17TH MARK IT […]

January 18, 2019 →

Echo shiiny. And ooof, I just remembered I’m going to be out for most of tomorrow, so probably not getting more done then. X_x ANYWAY, if I don’t get to one you sent in, I’ll be saving those for a rainy day when I need a warm up. 😀

January 18, 2019 →

YOU. You are a devious bastard. My brain didn’t even realized it automatically assigned each of the boys to the color scheme closest to their usual when in fact you asked for them in each other’s colors. I had to go back and redo Sly’s LOL. Well played! 🤣♥️♥️ And thank you so much!!

January 18, 2019 →

Psst- Got enough palette requests to last me through the weekend, so will not be accepting any new ones. Thanks to everyone who sent one in, I’ll try to get to as many as I can in the next day or two!