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Maybe because you do commissions you could commission character sheets? But instead of most characters it could be their guardians/destiny ocs

Oh! Well, I’m definitely open to doing commissions for those of people ask for them. 🙂 They would need to provide the character info to go on them, of course.

Currently I do have commissions closed fire the moment, but I plan to have to it open again in the next week or so, depending on my current work log.

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Skitty : An angel. Cas : A devil. No?

Whaaaa~? Aw, no, Killy wouldn’t go so far as to call Cas an devil, maybe more like.. a mischievous imp. XD

Though it would be cute to draw them both like that! 😀

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You should do more character sheets tbh it would be fun to do ocs!????(maybe idk what u like I just like ur art ,_, ,,,, I feel like an asshole now tbh) ;~;

Eeeyy, no need to feel like an ass! I mean hell, you show interest in my OCs, especially my not game-based ones and you will totally make my day! 😍

That being said, I do have some character sheets for the Schism Crew here! (Though I kinda want to update the art there now, lol.) I’ve got a number of other ocs that I haven’t done profiles for yet, both from Schism and other unrelated concepts.

(and again, the Destiny cast is here!)

March 20, 2019 Sweater Humor


So, today has been a day, so I’m trying to distract myself.  I’m curious @newbabyfly and

@one-hell-of-a-nerdy-butler, do any of your Guardian’s own, or have they worn at any time (maybe against their will or better judgement), a virgin killer sweater?  I imagined by Hunter Trixxie giving one to my shy Warlock Lyrrha and trying very unsubtley to get her to wear it and it made me smile.  I feel like there will be some humour in the replies to this. 😀

Oh dear traveler! Now I need to put someone in it, who am I putting in the Virgin Killer sweater, guys?? 🤣🤣

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