A bit of everything

Oh look! Three in one day! Not that I drew them all today. Just trying to make myself art in a more regular fashion. Did Hanzo just cause I wanted to draw purty hair ribbons. (The husband has turned me into Overwatch trash.) A crappy Sly just to make myself draw, and a palette study with Fenris to try and get my coloring style under some amount of control. Kinda liked doing the palette excersize, need to do it again!






Now for something not entirely different. Been replaying Okami, which my kid looooves. It’s a nice change to draw something non-human, and the watercolor style meshes nicely with my sketchiness. Also, a Junkrat I forgot to upload before, oops.

More Overwatch

Hay look, I did two in one day. Art is a good stress relief. And messing around with Overwatch stuff is fun. Such great character designs! Think I liked Tracer better half finished, but what the hell. Good for practice and fun doing an action shot. (McCreeee!) <3


Overwatch - Solider 76 So I was attempting to do inktober/drawlloween this year. I got… two done so far. Goooo me! Too busy in real life, been hard to make time to draw and honestly haven’t even been much inspired by the challenge lists this year. It’s good to draw things you normally wouldn’t for sure. But in times of stress, draw what make you happy, especially if it gets you to draw! (And the Overwatch fandom definitely makes me happy right now lol.) So, there you go. 76 is my spirit animal right now. Old, grumpy and tired or your shit. XD;

Not dead, I swear!

Okay, okay. I’ve been really crap at keeping up with art and updating this thing regularly. Though I’m tempting to redesign this thing again. I’ve been busy taking a coding class, learning javascript/jQuery and all my html/css skills got caught up with modern times thus learned a lot of new tricks too! Life is busy. Roller Derby, work, kid’s back in school, coding classes, Fallout 4… hard to find time to draw and stuff. But I have been able to do some pretty fun things for work which has been nice! So here, have a Rosie the Riveter parody T-shirt design I did for all those female archaeologists out there. Oh, also a poster design thingy I did won a contest. So that’s neat too! May post that later.