Maybe because you do commissions you could commission character sheets? But instead of most characters it could be their guardians/destiny ocs

Oh! Well, I’m definitely open to doing commissions for those of people ask for them. 🙂 They would need to provide the character info to go on them, of course.

Currently I do have commissions closed fire the moment, but I plan to have to it open again in the next week or so, depending on my current work log.


You should do more character sheets tbh it would be fun to do ocs!????(maybe idk what u like I just like ur art ,_, ,,,, I feel like an asshole now tbh) ;~;

Eeeyy, no need to feel like an ass! I mean hell, you show interest in my OCs, especially my not game-based ones and you will totally make my day! 😍

That being said, I do have some character sheets for the Schism Crew here! (Though I kinda want to update the art there now, lol.) I’ve got a number of other ocs that I haven’t done profiles for yet, both from Schism and other unrelated concepts.

(and again, the Destiny cast is here!)