How close were your gaurdians to Cayde?

Echo and Gideon, being rezzed after the Red War weren’t super close to him. They didn’t have as much of a chance to know him very well though they liked him a lot.

Killy though (like many hunters) idolized him and did develop a strong friendship with him. (Stoom would often give him shit over his man-crush there, lol.) So yeah, when Forsaken hit, that messed him up pretty bad for a while, to where he almost gave up the guardian gig. There’s some comics about that in the Masterpost if you wanna read them!


If Cas had a nightmare or a bad memory and needed a hug would killy give him one ?

He’d roll this eyes a little at it, but yes. Hugs will be given. If he wants a bedtime story though, that’ll cost him. 🤣🤣