Day 8 And Roller Derby!

Sly does Derby Okay, this one is a WIP. And I’m actually reeaaaallly excited about this one. I’m gonna finish it, all pretty and awesome. )but not today cause there’s dishes to wash and dinner to make, stupid adulting.) Day 8 is your oc playing a sport, so yes, Roller Derby, because that’s the only sport that matters. I had to look up references, but I haven’t been this excited about an art piece in forever, even if that blocker’s leg had to be redrawn 50,000 times. ART TIMEZ YEAH. That blocker will likely end up being Quay because appropriate. 🙂

The Vault.

Alright, I bit the bullet and decided to add some old art that I don’t completely hate. There’s a lot less than I originally though I might want the world to still see. Most of this is probably… ten years old? Must do some nice pretty new stuff dangit. There might be more. If I find it. My old files are massively disorganized oops.

Day 7? I Think?

Sleeping Blah on this one. Ok i guess. This is challenge is more about the doing than the result anyway for me. So sleepy Sly. He has a hard time getting to sleep, so usually when he does it’s on the couch or his head in the desk, ie more likely to pass out somewhere random than actually going to bed. Might explain some of his grouchiness. Maybe.

Deviant Sketch

quay Okay, not the 30 day challenge, just felt like revisiting some other characters. Since drawing menacing, evil older dudes is fun. Still digging this messy style. But then again, I’ve always been about the mess. That clean, precise style has never been something I was good at or had much patience for, especially now since I’m just glad to sit down and art when I can! One day son I’d actually like to do a fully finished piece that takes more than 30 minutes.

New year, new goals.

Oops. I slacked off a lot there, didn’t I? But now the holidays are over and that craziness behind me and I’ve got shiny new sketchbooks to muck around in. So going to be getting back to my challenge and messing around in painter again. And possibly making a mechromancer (Borderlands 2 is very fun) costume just because. In the meantime, Null’s keeping me company while doing some illustrations for work.