Bowie. Multiple Bowies.

Profile Test

Earthling I have been attempting to actually do a nice finished piece. A Friend is putting together a David Bowie tribute art show and thus I thought that’d be nice to actually contribute something to! The headshot was just me playing around to make sure I could actually capture his likeness, buuut I later then wanted to try something more creative than just going off photo references. Hence the second Earthling style one. Which I’d really love to try an Art Nouveau style for, but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. (And of course I’d want the Earthling outfit, let’s just punish myself more yes?) Well, with luck it will turn out acceptably enough for a show. 🙂


Paul A friend was looking at my art and said “Do Me!” So yeah, I did you dude. This was fun. I don’t draw from life as often as I should, so it was a good exercise in breaking away from my typical comic facial structure, lighting, and such. I ended up spending longer on this than I did most the other things I’d been goofing off with, which is a good thing. I should draw my friends more often. Perhaps next I’ll try drawing David Bowie, as another friend in town is getting together a tribute art show in town. Annnnnd then maybe I’ll get back to my OC challenge…

Different Sort of Tablet

sly.test I gotta say, drawing directly to a screen rather than drawing on what you aren’t looking at make a noticeable difference. For once, I can actually feel like I can do some clean inking without it taking forever and/or being a huge pain in the ass. I’m going to be attempting to do more stuff with an actual background at some point. But for the time being, just keep sketching whatever.

Surface Pro!

Couch art Ze tablet has arrived! Aside from the two hours I was nearly freaking out because the pressure sensitivity was not working in Painter and praying i didn’t need to buy a new/newer art program, it is pretty awesome so far! Glad I figured it out. And now I can slug out on the couch and draw with my feet up and covered in my dogs. It’s going to be pretty rad, lemme tell you!

Dear motivation:

Okay, so haven’t been doing so great at keeping up with the arting. I need to do better. Though technically I have been drawing, but mostly work related drawings for archaeological reports where I get to draw excavated burials. Which is kind of fun. Really great practice for inking stuff, since they’re all black and white. And nice to know I can, in fact, do neat and tidy line work when I really need to. In any case, expect for me to start updating this a little more frequently after this week, because I’ve got a shiny new Surface tablet on the way and I can’t wait to load up Painter on it and get some full on couch arting done. Pretty exciting!