OH MY GOSH. I used to read schism like… 10 years ago?! I loved it so much. And then you stopped updating for a long time. And I couldn’t find your art anywhere. Then I was browsing the #apocalypticinktober tag and was like WOW that picture looks like it’s from the schism artist. AND THEN IT WAS. Apparently I have a lot to catch up on.

LOL! Well, good to know my style is still recognizable 10 years later! XD There was a 6-7 gap when things got not so nice and I basically quit drawing at all during that time. But last year and a half I’ve been getting back into it pretty regularly. *I’ve* got a lot of catching up to do too!

(I have been working on the new version of Schism over @schism-reboot too, but be warned, updates are slooow, sorry!)