ASK STUFF: Sly (From here)

5. List 3 fears; one “surface level” fear, one “repressed” fear, and one “deep dark” fear.

dark: he’s very very cleithrophobic. Similar to claustrophobia, except
it only triggers if he’s actually locked up or trapped in a place. Small
spaces aren’t a problem if he can leave willingly. Locking him up in a
room or even an entire house, or being tied down/handcuffed though turns
out… very not pretty.  As in self-harm triggering not pretty.

Hospitals. He’s hated them since he was a kid, and later on when he
ended up spending more time in them for various treatment programs and
whatnot did not help at all.

Surface: Kids. Adults are
uncomfortable enough to deal with, and now there’s these little midgets
with no filter bouncing everywhere and talking his ear off and TOUCHING
HIM, noo. No no no thank you.

6. What is something that never fails to make them feel sick?

exactly sick, but thunder will make him extremely anxious. He runs a
lot of electronics, gadgets and whatnot which kiiinda need a steady
power source which a thunderstorm could easily knock out.

17. What sound always gives them a headache?

from Quay’s voice? Emergency vehicle sirens. He’ll actually go out of
his way to live someplace where they won’t come just to avoid it even if
it means living in a less than safe area.

44. What’s one thing they wish they could do more often, but can’t?

more affectionate. He sucks at social interaction, has a hard time
letting anyone too close so his friends are few are far between, so when
he actually does let someone in he tends to stress about messing it all
up. Which leads to him being more distant when he knows he should be
doing the opposite.