Commission Info




Hey folks, 

It’s taken a while to really think about this, and with some prodding from a few folks ( @catastrotaffy, and @pirpintine specifically)– I’m going to open myself up for a few commissions to see how things go! 

Sketch commissions, lineart only commissions, and flat colour commissions as they are easy to bang out 🙂  I will accept payments via paypal ( )

Okay; so since Ko-Fi only works in 3 dollar increments, I’ll work off of that. 

Sketch commissions, like what I did for my friend, Taffy–


-Will cost you $6 CDN.  

Line-art, like what I did for @tainted-petals– 


$10 CDN–But if you’re using Ko-Fi, you’ll get a dollar discount, making it $9 CDN. 

Flat colours– 


Flats are gonna cost you 12 CDN.  Extra characters are 3 CDN each.  

Again, my Ko-Fi is here and my Paypal is

FYI Things I won’t draw: 
Right now, nsfw.  that would take far too long and would legit cost you prolly 40 dollars.

Right now, I’m starting off with just 3 slots. PM me and we can chat!! 


Bringing this back around where money might be tight for a bit.  A building in my town on the main street caught fire, and unfortunately because of it I’ve been told to stay home where the street’s shut down and businesses only rely on foot-traffic currently.   So please, hit me up! Let me do art for you!

My friend is in a bit of a bind, please consider commissioning him!!