Ayy, friends, are you interested in a tarot reading?

I’m struggling a lot to work on my freelance stuff (thanks, depression) but I’m still an uninsured diabetic whether or not I’m making money off my art, so I’m offering pretty cheap readings just to try and cover literally any of my medical needs.

What’s PWYW? It stands for ‘Pay What You Want’, which means you can send any amount of money equal to or over my minimum and get the goods. (The minimum is $3, since I use Ko-fi to take payments.)

What you get: A three-card past, present, future spread with a picture and a write-up of the card meanings (which is not copied from a guidebook). An example reading can be found here, in addition to some more info about my deck.

How to pay: Go to my Ko-fi and send in at least $3. I’ll see your name in the email from Paypal but feel free to leave a comment via Ko-fi if you want. THEN contact me over here on tumblr messenger OR in my email at if you don’t use tumblr messenger and let me know who you are so I can confirm money sent. I’ll get your reading done and send it to you afterwards!

Please boost! My activity has taken a truly nightmarish dive since the release of Best Stuff First so the more eyes on this, the better chance I’ve got of getting some customers.