sobek’s Really Random OC Drawing Meme



what am I doing, why am I doing it
I made this instead of doing anything productive! Pick numbers at random, do ‘em all, do only the ones you like, I don’t care! Have fun! Tweak prompts to suit yourself! Let people send in numbers to your ask box! 


But if you use the meme, please @ me here or @ivoryandsalt because I wanna see!! ??

1) Draw the OC least likely to visit a beach in beachwear. They don’t have to be happy about it.

2) Draw OC of choice in early 2000’s era goth, emo, or punk fashion. Really cheese it up.

3) Find your oldest OC. Redraw or redesign them. Don’t worry about cringe, enjoy yourself.

4) Outfit-swap an OC with a character or person from a piece of media you really enjoy. (Alt: outfit-swap your own OCs or w/ a friend’s OC.)

5.a) Have an OC that really likes to glam it up? Draw them in their best duds.
5.b) Same OC, draw them on a lazy pajama day, a stay-at-home day, a bedtime-all-day day, etc. Show us the Forbidden Look.

6) Make your OC’s fursona. Do it, coward. ( If they are already a furry, make an alt sona or draw them human, whatever?? Or skip??)

7) Redraw your favorite meme with your OCs. There’s billions of memes to choose from, go wild.

8) Do you have an OC with a rough backstory? Are they always unlucky? Bad day all the time? Draw them happy. C’mon, they deserve it. Do it for me.

9) Pick an OC and draw the contents of their pockets or a particularly cherished item.

10) Draw some good ol’ fashioned cheesecake. Pick an OC and make a pin-up, draw something stylish and skimpy, or make fun of outlandish lady outfits in media. Whatever floats your boat.

11) Pick an OC who is NOT from a fantasy setting and assign them a DnD class, draw them as that class. (Pick a DnD race too if you want.)

12) Look at your OCs. Look at ridiculous shirts on Zazzle or a similar site. Draw someone in the stupidest/funniest/cheesiest one you can find.

13) Lucky thirteen! Here’s a wild card round: find an OC you haven’t drawn in a while (six months, a year, more, whatever) and just… draw ‘em. Combo with other numbers if you wanna.

I made this dumb shit last night, pass it around to all your friends