Gotta say Op. Love the idea of twin characters who are the polar opposite of each other. Too many twins in the world of fiction that’s basically the same person in two bodies.

Dude, if there’s one thing I know is that just because you’re related or even genetically identical, that it by no means indicates your personalities will be anything alike! I was kid 3 out of 4, my older sister barely a year older than me so everyone thought we were twins (even through high school!) Annnd we’re complete opposites, lol.

Add in extended family I have probably 30+ first cousins on both my mom AND dad’s side (whoooo Catholic families!) who I grew up with, so uh.. yeah. I have a very wide experience pool in terms of sibling dynamics. XD

Will there be similarities? Hell yes, you grew up together, that’s unavoidable. But definitely not the same people. 🙂

Also, oh shit, I just remembered a comic thing I was going to do addressing their differences that I still haven’t done and now I need to actually draw that. O_o