Click here to support A Year of Insulin organized by Danny Whatley

Click here to support A Year of Insulin organized by Danny Whatley


HEY SO I’VE TAKEN THE PLUNGE AND DONE A SCARY THING! I’ve literally been waffling back and forth on doing this for almost a year, but here it is – I’m trying to cover the costs of my insulin for one whole year! 

The TL;DR is that I’m diabetic, uninsured, and in desperate need of some monetary breathing space so I can focus on unfucking what a year and a half of severe suicidal depression and anxiety did to me. These funds will go toward my insulin for twelve whole months!

My insulin (Novolin N, Novolin R) is a little over $50 per month, and this is the cheapest option that I have available to me. I’m not looking to cover ALL of my monthly medical expenses, just the insulin. If I can take this constant worry off my mind, I can handle syringes, test strips, and lancets. I can stop skipping doses or halving doses or double-using my needles. I can focus on getting my work backlog handled without constantly needing to take on emergency commission slots to ensure I live another month.

Don’t like gofundme? Want to donate in a smaller increment?
I have a ko-fi! My paypal address is hdwhatley @!

Even if you can’t donate, please consider sharing this post with your pals on tumblr or to your FB or twitter. I can’t describe the positive impact this fundraiser will have on my life, y’all.