500+ Followers Art Giveaway!


  1. Must follow me (new followers ok!)
  2. Reblog to enter! (One entry per blog/person please)
  3. No Giveaway blogs
  4. Ends on September 10th, 2018! Winners will be randomly selected next day.


  • First Prize: 1 full body, fully colored piece with simple/abstract background. (2 characters max)
  • Second Prize: 1 half-body, fully colored piece with simple/flat background (1 character)
  • Third Prize: 1 bust/head shot with flat background (1 character)

What I will draw:

Original characters, fanart from any series (must be able to provide references on request), mild nudity, pinups, blood, mostly humanoid characters, ships of any orientation/gender identity.

I will not draw:

Gore, NSFW content, incest or pedophilia, mecha, or furries/anthros (I’m just really not good at those last two, sorry!) I reserve the right to refuse your first suggestion if it’s something I’m not comfortable with drawing.

Thanks so much for all the support!!