Hey, a few things. One, love your fireteam of nerds. They’re amazing. And then two technical like questions? Two, How did you learn to draw exos?? And three, what brush do you use for inking in Autodesk? I have yet to find one I like. D: ( Keep up the good work! :3 )

Hey hey, thank you! Glad you like my nerds! ♥️

As for Exos, I kinda wing it? XD; I use a lot of references and screenshots to draw them, and rather than trying to draw every detail I try to keep it to the most basic, most distinct shapes, then add further details if needed. And if I’m drawing a face straight on, I unashamedly admit to using the symmetry tool, lol. I’m still not super great at drawing a particular face consistently, but it’s a learning process. Not sure how helpful that is, but if you need to just straight up trace a screenshot, that is a totally legit way to get started on learning to draw them!

As for the inking tool, my current favorite is actually the base felt-tipped marker in Autodesk. My general preference is for an inking tool that has a good amount of variety in the stroke width based on the amount of pressure I’m using- saves me some time changing the brush size and feels more fluid to me. I’ve fiddled with it’s base settings some, but I’ve found it’s got the stroke range I like, but a little softer edge than the base inking tool. (Though sometimes I like the extra-sharp edge for messier stuff!)

Hope that helps! 😀