I can see a new born EXO haveing to get a reboot after running into something naughty that not even bleach in the eye bulbs would not be able to get rid off.



Hah! I can actually see a lot of brand new Exos being a hot mess for all sorts of reasons, though most being for much less amusing reasons.

Echo was an exo before she was a guardian, so there’s two (or 10) lapses in memory that we’ll probably never know if something like that happened to her. These days, it would take something horrifically unsettling to phase her. 🙂

Usually what happens with an Exo is that their mind starts to reject the metal body, forcing Clovis Bray to reboot the Exo. This gives the impression, to the mind, that it started out in this state, when ofc it didn’t. An Exo is usually considered sterile by around 20 reboots. Makes you wonder why they rebooting Banshee…

^ Yuppers! Though the bit of lore over not rebooting exos more than 20 times didn’t drop until Warmind if I’m not mistaken, so it’s possible that that tidbit of info had been lost to them until then. Either that, or they know and do it anyway since no more can be made.