My Exo Warlock Azulas-0 is a late-model Exo, where they ironed out all the Degenerative Exomind Rejection problem, but he “needs” to reboot anyway due to static issues. After quite a few centuries of existing, he still hasn’t rebooted once, so “-0”. This leads to him being quite liked by Amanda due to being able to provide quite a few free Arc Cores. He is quite a joybuzzer on bad static days. And by joybuzzer, I mean ghosts should stand by for resurrection when Guardians touch him unprotected.

Echo actually had a really hard time getting used to her abilities after bring rezzed (outside of punching things), crashing into cliffs, burning the shit out of her hands, etc. Eventually she got frustrated enough that she spent a week or two doing non-stop crucible matches every day until they finally clicked into place. She still loves crucible to this day though!