“Houdini escape artist dog” is the best description for a dog i ever read



This is Lucy. She’s a digger extraordinaire, rips planks off the wood privacy fence, tears through chicken wire and finds weak points in chain link quicker than a Velociraptor in hot pursuit of it’s next meal.  Her main method of survival involves always looking as pathetic as possible at all times so that she can get away with with murder and/or ignoring basic commands.

I love this girl to death, but she’s going to give me a heart attack one day. Thank god our 70lb boy never tries to escape. Though he sure as shit doesn’t alert us when she does, so he’s a guilty accomplice.

@newbabyfly she is beautiful! Mine was named Budda and also a master escape artist, no cage, door or fence could hold him… even after he lost a leg

That’s a GOOD BOY!! ? Haha, maybe it’s that hunter instinct that drives them to crave freedom and adventure. XD

(You know what, everyone show me your puppers. I wanna see alllll the good boys and girls!)