OC Asks #2

1: Are they a light or heavy sleeper?

2: Do they snore at all?

3: What’s their favorite breakfast food?

4: Do they exercise regularly?

5: Do they prefer sunny or rainy days?

6: What is their biggest pet peeve?

7: What is their favorite kind of food?

8: What is their favorite and least favorite season?

9: What are three words that you would use to describe their personality?

10: What is their best/worst quality?

11: Would they be content to sit still for a long period of time, or do they need to constantly move around?

12: What do they do when they are nervous?

13: Are they self conscious about anything?

14: What do you associate them with?

15: What are their dreams and goals in life?

16: How do they react to a dangerous situation? Fight or Flight?

17: Do they have any health issues?

18: What’s their idea of a good day?

19: Are they easily discouraged?

20: What’s their most precious keepsake?

21: Are they typically observant or oblivious?

22: What’s their favorite dessert food?

23: What kind of impression do they have on others?

24: Are they ticklish?

25: What’s their favorite color?

I’m sick, send me some asks to distract me. I may draw some of them, bonus points for asks about the Schism crew lol.