Sly: Whatever’s easiest to shove in his face, if he eats it at all! (Really, without Jericho he’d probably never eat a proper meal.) Keepsake: An old pair of plastic sunglasses Jericho gave him waaaaay before they became an item. They’re beat up and unusable, but he held onto them anyway.

Jericho: French toast, with extra syrup. Keepsake: An old stethoscope his father gave him as a kid after deciding to be a doctor.

Sam: Ridiculously over-sugared kids cereals, lol. Keepsake: Dang, this is hard. They didn’t have much growing up, let alone much they got to hold onto. Sly once tried (badly) to make him a toy soldier from a wooden block, but it eventually got lost in the shuffle between homes. 🙁

Kit: Coffee. Black. An entire pot. Keepsake: She’s got a necklace she keeps as one of the first things she ever bought with her own earned money. She tends to value independance and her own achievements over most other things.

Quay: Eggs and bacon. Keepsake: Lol, he has extremely little sentimentality towards well… Anything. It’d probably be some sort of ‘trophy’ taken off someone he’s crushed.