from 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest, which class has the hardest jump mechanics?

I’m probably not the best for an objective rating on jumps, but you asked, so here you go!

Titans I would put at a 2, honestly. It’s easy to get the height, the distance and whatever for just about anything so it’s just getting the timing on when to shut off your rocket boots to land where you wanna. Whoo!

Hunters I’d say a 4 or 5 maybe? It’s the one I’m most used to as my main, and I like gravity not being a toggle. Except when I have to cross over a bajillion foot ravine then plz god gimme a nice floaty jump, ow. The timing to get those triple jumps spaced properly can be a bitch in certain situations.

Warlocks I’d say a 6 because it took me a long a while to figure out how to get the effing height you need and how to use your forward momentum properly to get where you need to be. Unless you’re using Blink, then it’s a goddamn 11.

These are obviously my own opinions from Someone Shit At Jumping™ and almost certainly do not reflect the community as a whole. 🙂