I’m really impressed how you’ve been able to make full fleshed backstory’s to some of your characters instead of the same thing that bungie feeds us every time. The one you just posted is my favorite thing ever. P.S have you completed the last wish yet?

Thank you so much! I’m very glad you’re enjoying them! 😀

Honestly, I always figured Bungie left the guardian’s backstory fairly barren because they -expected- people to want to fill it with their own details, and I’m glad for that! Just enough to give a bit of context for those who don’t really care but much about it, and plenty of room for those who do to create want they want. And someone who loves creating charcaters and stories there was no way I wasn’t going to plan out personalities and back stories for them. XD

And I haven’t done Last Wish yet, sadly. I love my clan, we’ve got great people in it, but we are small and trying to get six of us on at the same time to give it a go is… Difficult, lol. But one day I will!