Okay, I gotta ask. Why is everyone so scared of Stoomdorm so much? Is she the Fireteam Leader?

The kindernerds are terrified of her because where Killy will rant, rave, threaten and glare when he’s fed up with them, he won’t really follow through. Stoom will just quietly and calmly crush them to pieces without warning and call it a learning experience. XDD

She’s also been a guardian the longest, and was without a fireteam through the entirety of D1- She only had a team to call her own after Killy came along and as such she’d much rather maintain her ability to be solo  if desired rather than be in charge of a full team. (Seriously, my husband will immediately make me fireteam leader asap every time!)

The Cosmodrome comic I have planned will be very Stoomdorm-centric, so you’ll learn more about her when I can get that done! 😀