Hello everyone! Just a heads up: As I am only one woman with a family and a job and needing to adult and all, I just wanted to say that I won’t be answering quite as many asks with sketches.

While I absolutely love the questions and interest in the nerds (It seriously give me life and endless amusement!),  with lots of new Destiny developments coming up, plus a backlog of more story-centric comics I’ve got planned, I’m going to try and focus a little more on those so I can keep their adventures caught up with current events.

I’ll still be answering with drawings when I can, and please do feel free to keep sending them in!

And if there is something that you just absolutely have to see me draw, then I do have a Ko-Fi Page Over here in which I’ve got sketch commissions open. ~_^

Thanks so much for all of your lovely support!! ♥️♥️