A/N: So, I’ve been following @newbabyfly for quite some time and absolutely fell in love with her hunter, Killy. They are so amazingly talented at what they do, and I wanted to find a way to include one of their amazing characters in my super long tale of the Taylor sisters.   I apologize if the words are mashed together in places, that always seems to happen to me when I copy/paste from a word document. 

This little bit follows Cassidy as she realizes that handling loss is sometimes easier with a little help.

 For those of you who do not know that much about Cassidy: Before she was a guardian, she’d been legally adopted by Cayde after her older sister died. After Cayde’s death she learned about her past life and, after being gifted Cayde’s cloak by Amanda during the festival of the lost she left the city, and gave up her work as a guardian. 

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YAY! Ptero asked to borrow Killy for this story and I love how it came out. Go read it, it’s great! 😀


You’re OCs, Sam and Jericho reminds me a lot of Uldren and Joylon. Hopefully that’s not an insult to them though, because your characters are really awesome. Hope you have a nice day.

Oh, not an insult at all! I need to actually read their lore more as I don’t have a good read on Joylon, but I can definitely see a few similarities with Sly and Uldren. (Stoic, grumpy people who only like a few select people, lol.) Sam is his twin and much more like Cayde in personality, though. ~_^

Thank you so much too! 😀


Someone show the poor warlock how to work a game controller.

Also damn, I guess I need to do one for Echo now lol.

I’M D Y I N G, send help! 🤣🤣🤣