I did a thing, since yeah, some of you might understandably be done with Tumblr and that’s okay. I have set it up so you can now see all my posts here on my personal website, Schism.Org

Post here will be automatically be added there as well. And through the magic of ~Science!~ and APIs, these posts will also be posted on my Twitter Account!

Because I don’t know about you guys, bu I’m way too lazy to actually bother updating 4+ social media things individually, lol.


> Twitter Account

> Instagram – (Limited posting)

Edit: Okay, there;s still some hitches with it, and I’ll keep working on them. But dammit, they will all learn to play nice together so help me!

Looks like it’s time to make a pillow fort account- once it’s back up. Not that I have nfsw stuff, but now I anticipate a mass Exodus.

I probably will start posting at Mastdon.Art again.