Let them be (and free the robo Tiddy)

The trio stood near Shaxx, Aiden trying desperately to flirt with him to get extra tokens while Orion and Nassa watched a titan run by. The exo female was shouting something along the lines of “Free the Robo Tiddy!” A distressed Awoken hunter following close behind, trying to convince her to keep her clothes on.

“Echo PLEASE.” Orion watched with amusement before turning to Nassa.

“What’s with hunters trying to stop our titan nudity? We have the goods let us show it off!” She said as she flexed causing the hunter to roll her eyes.

“Its because you only try to get naked to seduce the queen.”

“Lies!” Orion exclaimed before she took off, chanting free the tiddy as she followed the other titan, Nassa and Aiden following close behind to convince her to put her armor back on.

((So fun fact we pretty much had a similar conversation when I was telling my fireteams titan about @newbabyfly echo. She believes all titans should be naked.