In terms of Dawning Spirit, Azulas-0 would be making thoughtful gifts for everyone important, example being backup hard drives for important data for Banshee-44, engraved knitting needles for Zavala, a modern replica of a Shishi-odoshi (A bamboo reed set up on a dowel so that water pours into it, then tips over, makes a pleasant noise and goes back up, sometimes used for meditation) fresh melon seeds for Colonel, and for his guardian friends, (cont)

Now those sound like quality presents! I love the silliness of what we give the NPCs in game, and some last year were good presents- but wow, in the whole our guardians wouldn’t know a good gift if it slapped them on their helmets!

(Part two I love and wanna draw, but this comic first so I’ll get to that soon, thank you!) 😀