Emergency Writing Commissions

Hey guys!

I’m in a bit of a tight spot as of late, my boyfriend and I are going through a separation and for the past few months i have been in and out of work.

Money is very tight for me and until I’ve found a job I’ll be taking writing commissions. I’ll only be opening three slots at a time and will repost with updates and whatnot.

I’ll be doing the commission payments through ko-fi and PayPal and can write about a variety of topics, for which you can check the tags below (though I currently specialize in Destiny)

Keep in mind that I will only write SFW topics for any commission, this may change in the future, and will have special pricing.

$9.00 : 1,000 words or less ( 700 – 1250 word short story)

$15.00: 1,700 – 2,000 word short story

$21.00: 2,500 – 3,000 word short story

$27.00: 3,500 – 4,000 word short story

$33.00 and up: 5,000 words or more

Other stuff:

$9.00: Create-your-oc bio (I can help make your OC character sheet)

Please, PM me to begin the commission process, so that we can discuss topics, pricing and payment.