“Thought I’d find you here.” Echo said as she sat next to me. “My secret hiding spot isnt so secret huh?” I said as she chuckled. “Nope not really.” She handed me a box of chinese takeout and looked over the city as I did.

Repairs were going smoothly and things were almost back to normal….almost.

“You ever been reset?”, she asked after the long silence. I nodded as i took a couple bites of food.

“How many times?” I paused thinking about how i should answer. Say something bad ass or just tell the truth. It seemed easier to tell the truth.

“10…” She chuckled slightly at my answer, “one more than I have.” We went back to eating and looking over the city.

“You up here cuz of the nightmares?” I stopped eating then nodded as she sighed.

“How about when it happens we go do the graveyard shift patrols, sound good?”

I looked up at her and nodded, “Yea, sounds good.”

(Echo belongs to @newbabyfly

Rhea is my OC)