“Long story short.. Ish. As short as I can get it anyway. A tale of two parties: The first comes across a revolutionary method that can change the lives forever for millions of people suffering from a wider range of illnesses and disorders involving the brain. It’s a major game changer for the betterment of society.

Except the societies and factions today? They don’t give a shit about the greater good, any sort of unity and cooperation. Anyone with any amount of power uses it to grab for more and bully the rest into submission to keep their stronghold on the population.

Enter party number two: They’re very interested in party one’s discoveries. Want it before anyone else, so they provide the funds and research to develop it and allow them to keep and administer their original, alturisic goals to those it could help. But of course, they’re not interested charity. In improving lives. So party one has to conceed to sharing everything they learn to party two who can then develop their own uses for it. Who of course have much more self-serving ideas.

Party one decides it’s an acceptable if unideal compromise, because of just how much good it could do and how wide-reaching it’s effects could be when applied to other areas. They’re kept in the dark about party two’s applications. They turn a blind eye. They CHOOSE to ignore just how maliciously it could be applied.

Enter a hacker, an intern and an amazingly charming man. They discover party two’s plan. They decide it’s threat to the state of this world, shitty and corrupt as it may be, is too great to ignore. They act.


We’re still paying the price for that. But we haven’t given up yet.”

– An excerpt from a important scene of the comic. It happens early enough that it’s fine to share and lays out the main plotline without giving to much away. (You can probably guess who’s speaking, lol.)

One thing I’m trying to do different with the reboot of the comic is to like… Actually WRITE DOWN scenes, segments and pivotal moments. So have this snippet here. 🙂