Hi newbabyfly, would you mind if I made a little comic with my warlock and Gideon? Basically, my warlock would introduce Gideon to a stupid meme song and Gideon would accidentally start humming it. I just wanted to ask for permission before I spent the time on it. 🙂

Oh, absolutely!! I’m totally ok with anyone borrowing the nerds anytime, it’s such a nice compliment when they’re included in others works! Please tag me when it’s posted as I would love to see it. ?

As a more general answer for everyone, for the most part no need to ask first if you want to draw or write short comics/stories with them. Longer or more involved fics, maybe check with me first if they will be playing a big role in it. (Cameo appearance, no need to ask.) In those cases I’ll still likely be ok with it and I’d be glad to work with you and provide additional details in writing them into it. 🙂