Hi! Just saw your guardians profiles. What made you decide to take someone else’s oc into your group?

Technically speaking, aside from Cassidy, Stoom and Skitty are also not my ocs, but since they belong to my husband and kid, they give me a lot of leeway with them, and i also get their input for ask answers and any comics I do about them.

In the case of Cassie, @pterodactylarms and I have been chatting/playing together a lot- so when she asked about borrowing Killy for her stories I was glad to lend him out. And then I ended up loving the dynamic between them so much that (with her owner’s permission) yup, I want this canon in the Nerdverse.

There is actually another friend’s oc who is technically part of the fireteam, my friend Dee’s Hunter ( @hobbitystmarymorstan ) who has made a number of appearances but is a little reclusive- I need to make him a profile too, though it might be a whole lot of nunnaya business. ?

Honestly though, I love including other people’s guardians when I can for guest appearances! Though that being said, I can’t take requests to include someone’s guardian- I’ve got a backlog of comics I want to get done, so when those happen it will be because I think it’ll be fun to draw, I know something about your guardian and I’ve interacted enough with said person.

(okay, that got long, sorry!)