Hi, I saw your post in the Destiny 2 tag about getting The Last Word. I’m pretty sure the text saying that it can drop is after you earn it through the quest. They’ve done that with many of the other quest specific exotics, and you had to get them first before they’d be added to the loot table. I figured I’d send this just because doing the quest does suck, but also trying to get exotics to drop in the first place is awful. Have a guaranteed way of getting it seems best imo.

That might be true! Though I’ve only ever seen that happen with Thunder Lord, and I think that was because the original quest was only available a limited time. I have not seen, at least in D2, any other quest-based exotic drop even after earning it.

Honestly, though my clan mate was fairly adamant that his friend had it drop without finishing the quest, I’m pretty skeptical about it. Though I won’t lie, I still want to believe it can happen cause that might be the only way I get it. ?