Rez Day, Crucible, and a Warlock


For @newbabyfly, I think I may have figured out why Stoom changed teams in the middle of a match…

“Hey, Lynn! Lynn! Lynnnn!” Mihovanna’s voice slowly abolished the walls between Lynn-3’s peaceful thoughts to the chaotic room around her.

Miha had called her to a meeting, which was very uncharacteristic of the titan. Well maybe not, but it was uncharacteristic of Lynn to accept the invitation, as the warlock tended to neglect the responsibility of maintaining, let alone enjoying, time with Mihovanna. It was what they were to supposed to discuss that drew Lynn to accept the meeting. Well, “discuss” is a bit of a generous term when applying it to the current events. The meeting had been fairly one sided. When Lynn had sat down on her knees, Miha had gone off on a tangent about Ymir (their fireteam hunter), and her resurrection day upcoming tomorrow. The titan flailed her arms about in exuberant gestures while she had explained her plan to make Ymir’s day one of the best she, in the words of Mihovanna, “will ever have… until next year. Probably.” Somehow the titan managed to skim over the fact that she was rezzed before Oryx’s fall, which meant that the chances of one upping anything her previous fireteam had done would be unlikely. Her old fireteam had way more time to get rez days right.

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Buwhahaaaa, this is a very fun interpretation! Thank you! 😀 (pssst, @pterodactylarms check this out!)