Late to the party

Rhea paced back and forth in the main tower plaza while couples walked around enjoying the festivities. “You’re gonna wear a hole in the floor if you don’t stop,” Echo said while eating some chocolates. Since Echo didn’t do relationships and neither did she they both agreed to stick together just for the loot….and the “Nightly activities”.

“I know but I told Take to be here so he can try to nab Gideon before-”, she cut short by a breathless Takashi who had just run up from the landing bay. “I…made it?” He asked trying to catch his breath. Rhea sighed and shook her head, “You lost your chance Taka.” She motioned to where Gideon was as he held hands with another guardian. “Ah….it’s fine. He seems happy and that’s all that matters.” Rhea gripped the front of his chest plate and yanked down so they were face to face. “You have literally been alone for a thousand years Taka! You need to find someone!”

He chuckled and stood up straight, “I don’t NEED to find love, love will find me.” Rhea groaned and kicked a small rock against a crate. “You say that every year….”

(@newbabyfly I wanted to make a comic but I sprained my wrist ? hope the script to it will suffice I wanted to thank you for drawing Rhea!)

Cuuuute! (I’m so sorry Taka, he is a very good boy too! Also omg feel you in wrist problems.) X_x