Fun fact to the people threatening my gremlins. I have reported you to tumblr and will be filling a report with police. I have never threatened her. And to bring them into this is low.

Alright, I was not looking forward into the whole situation  on wolfhero28′s calling out being dragged on, but apparently she and/or her supporters are not letting this be by threatening kids. You want to know how we found Canis’s new blog? Because, despite her claiming to not follow or contact anyone who blocked her, she did in fact follow me again. It was obviously her based on her themes, title, content etc. I was content to just block her again and quietly inform parties who had been wronged by or involved with her about her new blog and move on.

I’ve been told by close friends that I’m too nice and I honestly do try my best to be considerate and respectful, but let it be know that of this is the type of behavior her and her supports are going to stoop to, especially in being a mother myself I will GO ON A MOTHERFUCKING WARPATH against you.

PSA: Wolfhero’s new blog is @we-are-made-of-light – One of her supporters (who I’ve also blocked) is @ask-aksis-a-prime

That is all.