Hello! I’m the anon who last time talked about changing my art style for a webcomic I had to do for school since my art teachers’s opinion about manga-ish art styles was bad. I tried to talk to them and they asked me for example of some of my works. Then they told me it was for them manga and that they didn’t wanted it. They want me to draw if possible in a dc/marvel/American comic style. Which will be very hard for me since I never drew like that. 1/?


I tried to talk to another teacher but they could do nothing since they were not supervising my project. This project is super important for me. It has been days I’m trying to draw like comic book artists but the results are so bad. The project is du to October (with possible extension until December) and I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find a solid comic art style in enough time. I’m writing all of this cause I needed to talk to someone. Sorry if I’m bothering you. Thank you 2/2

Hello again anon, and I’m sorry to hear that was their response 🙁 It’s a shame that a lot of art teachers seem to have a distaste for the manga style as a whole, especially given how many of us had that as our style growing up. Earlier today I saw someone say that “style doesn’t dictate skill” and I wholeheartedly agree with that. 

However, if your teachers are refusing your current style, I suppose the most I can say is keep trying! Maybe see if you can make a fusion between the two? Like your own style, but more defined chins and smaller eyes, slightly more detailed noses – if that’s what can be changed, of course! I can’t tell for sure since I’m not sure what your art looks like.

I wish I could help more, but best of luck okay? ❤️

I hope no one minds if I add something- It probably won’t help your current situation nonners, but I hope this story will give you some encouragement.

I was in the art program at my local University at the same time as Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame and many other big name American comics these days. It was not an art college, I should note and while the department head at the time was an amazing teacher, he also did not approve of a comic book style at all. This teacher told Tony a number of times “I don’t teach comics.” Despite this, for his BFA exhibition, he did some breathtakingly awesome and HUGE pieces of comic collage mash-ups like Godzilla vs Hello Kitty, various super heros, etc. They were amazing!

He knew he wanted to draw comics, and he was going to do it regardless of professors or anyone else’s disapproval. And look at him now!

Yes, try your best to adapt to the project because if anything, it’ll be a great learning experience. But the main thing I hope you take away from this story is that your style and your vision is 150% valid. Work on it on your own time if needed. This is just one teacher and one opinion in an area that can be HIGHLY subjective.

Good Luck!!